No One Told Me...My Baby Could Be Born Early

It was a typical Wednesday evening, almost time for my husband to get home before leaving again for commitments he has when I started getting sharp, shooting pains in my stomach.  I tried to ignore them thinking they were braxton hicks, there was no way they could be was way too early.  It was only October, she wasn't due until January of the new year.  But, once again another contraction so strong and so sharp, it brought me to my knees and made me tear up from the pain.  I had already experienced two previous labors and it seemed too much like the labor pains of a baby ready to make their way to this world.

What should I do?  Should I wait and see if it goes away? Should I ignore it, am I making too big a deal of it?  After all, with my first child, I remember going down to the hospital and finding out it was Braxton hicks, but these contractions were hurting more each time and starting to get closer together.  They were now 6 minutes apart, give or take a couple of seconds.

I decided to wait until my husband came home.  When he got there we decided to call our doctor and ask her advice, she said there was no was too soon.  I had no history of complicated pregnancies, they had been healthy.  But when they were 5 minutes apart and the pain hurt so bad I would have to lay down and squeeze pillows to help make it through the sharp shooting pain, I decided we should go to the hospital to make sure.  Afterall, I was the one having to feel these contractions.

I remember thinking if I had known this could happen, I could have planned better. I also remember blaming myself for her coming early,  thinking that as soon as I knew I was in active labor.  I couldn't talk about it durig the time though...I knew I had to be strong for what we were about to go through.

After making it to the hospital through rush hour traffic and coming in.  When they found out I was having active labor, they gave me medicine to try and slow it down and to possibly prevent it from happening.  Since I was in so much pain, I'm not sure how much I'm remembering accurately.  I just remember an ambulance coming, my older daughter crying as they were still with us since this all happened so fast and far sooner than we had planned.  Not to mention worried about their baby sister and me worried about splitting up our family during a time we all needed to be together.

This was very scary for us as a family.  We had friends come pick up our older two, as I had to be transferred from one hospital to another.  She was 4 days too early for this hospital to care for her, so had to travel in an ambulance to one that had what was needed to care for her.  My husband had to follow from his car as he couldn't ride in the ambulance with me.

During this ambulance ride, I know the EMT workers were aware of the seriousness of this baby coming early.  I tried my hardest not to push, as I had started feeling the urgency to for about the last 10 minutes or so of this 45 minute drive while having contractions.  These men helped by telling jokes, such as letting me know that we probably wouldn't make the state fair this year as it was there that week.  It helped me not to worry and was nice to take my mind off the sitaution for a little while, when the pain wasn't there, of course.

Once we got to the other hospital, I couldn't hold in the urge to push any longer.  I couldn't speak though during the push, as the triage nurse and the EMT traded paperwork, I was over on the hospital bed transferred from the ambulance bed with covers over me as I pushed out this beautiful, but very early baby.  I had to grunt as I couldn't speak during the push.  The nurse knew right away.  The EMT were still in the room when she came.  When I heard her strong, beautiful scream I knew she would be okay.  She was so beautiful and I remember them laying her on my stomach for the brief moment before having to rush her to a bed and cords and eveything they have to do for a baby born early.  My husband made it in shortly after she was born and I could tell that he was so sad he missed it, as the EMT weren't sure whether to say congrats or not, so they did a nice smile on their way out and wished us luck.

Neither my husband nor I knew what to expect.  We had planned out possible birthing plans...the scenario of the baby being born at 27 weeks 3 days never came up as something that may happen though.  My husband was still sad he missed the birth, I could see it in his eyes.  We weren't able to see her again until they had finished hooking her up to everything she needed as we both sat there together hand-in-hand and prayers in our heart.

We had numerous people come to the hospital that were in the waiting room as well.  We had people saying prayers and thoughts of our family during this time...and somehow that was enough to get us through this first day.  We were so exhausted, stressed, worried...simply overwhelmed.

We lived in that hospital for the next few months...and that's another story as we learned and grew as we learned how to process what it would be like to be parents of a premature baby with two older children at the same time.


  1. What a scary experience that must have been! I recently had baby #3 and had to be induced about a month early which was a little nervewracking. I can't imagine delivering even earlier than that. So glad your daughter is ok! Kids are such blessings :)


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can't imagine what it must have felt like going through this but I'm so glad your sweet baby was okay. My husband was born about 6 weeks prematurely so I was very concerned about it happening during my own pregnancy, but my midwives were very comforting and told me that it was more of a concern if I had been born prematurely instead of my husband. Best wishes to your family.

  3. Wow... what a story! My brother was a preemie and in the hospital for months. He only weighed two pounds and DROPPED TO ONE. It has been a long road for him. I am so happy you followed your instincts and went to the hospital. Thankfully, you and your precious baby turned out fine!


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