The Teeny Preemie Project

This is more of you may want to know if you are in the Chapel Hill NC  and surrounding area.  We have created a space for meeting once a month to help "craft a memory" for preemies and their families at the UNC Hospital Newborn Critical Care Center (NCCC). I'm thankful for being able to do this, knowing it will make such a difficult time in a family's life a little better by giving them a way to have a craft. Often times we try to make crafts that will include the baby's handprint or footprint as a priceless keepsake.

If this is near and dear to your heart because you are a former Preemie parent or one now or were a preemie or any other way that connects you to this, please consider joining our monthly meetups. They will be held as consistently as we are able to do so on 4th Sundays from 1-3PM once a month at Crosspointe,  6911 Carpenter Fire Station Road, Cary, NC 27519.  We will be in the room across from the main entrance to the auditorium. Come in on the Cro…

Seasons of Change...Collecting Moments "as" They Fall

Reflecting on My Sister's NewsHeavy Heart... Today as I sit here, I have a heavy heart because of some unknowns and trying not to worry about my sister and family.  Amazing how one day everything is okay and then your life can change instantly with one word. I have no words that will make it okay and can't even imagine what it is like for my sister, I'm just glad they are not going through it alone. My family went on our Mountain vacation this past week and one thing is for certain, that God doesn't leave us during the trial, He's there beside us.  He loves us so much and even though we may not understand, He is there through each and every emotion, thought and prayer.  

Isn't that the point? Not to go through tough times alone, but it seems often times we don't want to put our burden onto others, we want to carry it on our own and sometimes I wonder if a lot of it has to do with a sense of control over the situation. I'm not sure? Everyone definitely h…

No One Told Me...My Baby Could Be Born Early

It was a typical Wednesday evening, almost time for my husband to get home before leaving again for commitments he has when I started getting sharp, shooting pains in my stomach.  I tried to ignore them thinking they were braxton hicks, there was no way they could be was way too early.  It was only October, she wasn't due until January of the new year.  But, once again another contraction so strong and so sharp, it brought me to my knees and made me tear up from the pain.  I had already experienced two previous labors and it seemed too much like the labor pains of a baby ready to make their way to this world.

What should I do?  Should I wait and see if it goes away? Should I ignore it, am I making too big a deal of it?  After all, with my first child, I remember going down to the hospital and finding out it was Braxton hicks, but these contractions were hurting more each time and starting to get closer together.  They were now 6 minutes apart, give or take a coup…